Entry #1

Tracking down old movies and games.

2007-07-19 04:01:14 by Scotty-Jx

I have a good few movies and games I've made in the past, My 2003 Submission "People get hurt" wasn't even my earliest work. The real trick is, finding the movies that might be enjoyable to people that wouldn't get the inside referances it would take to understand everthing.

You'll find most my offerings random and seemingly disconnected, that's to be expected... since that's pretty much a good peek into my thought processes... random and disconnected.

Anyway, I do hope atleast a few of you enjoy what I have to offer. None of them are really all that profound, and I'm ok with that.

Now... to find them all in the 7 year mess of files and folders.

Tracking down old movies and games.


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2007-07-23 22:03:57

no offense,but ur flash "pwned newb" dosent make alot of sense,could u explain it?

Scotty-Jx responds:

Nope. You had to be there.. and even then, ya 'prolly wouldn't get it. heh heh